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About Celerity

Our Mission

Create and operate high quality schools that serve underserved communities in Los Angeles. Develop and implement programs for at-risk children and their families, including after-school, evening, and summer programs. Become an agent of positive social change in the communities we serve. 

Our Goals

We firmly believe that all students can thrive when experienced instructors present an engaging curriculum, challenging learning activities, and high expectations. Celerity schools are communities of diverse individuals where students develop their intellectual, artistic, and physical talents to the highest degree. Our vision encompasses four critical focus areas that affect the school community: 

1. Academic Excellence to intellectually challenge and maximize students' potential for lifelong learning. 
2. Highly Qualified T eachers and Paraprofessionals who serve the needs of students. 
3. Parental Investment and Community Involvement in sharing the responsibility for educating our children. 
4. Diversity and Mutual Respect to foster a supporting and rich learning environment. 

Our instructional program is built around researched practices that have been implemented successfully around the country. The articulated curriculum progressively deepens students' understanding of core concepts while avoiding needless repetition. The small classes allow for discussion, small group work, peer and teacher conferences and interviews on a daily basis. Celerity teachers communicate clear expectations about what students learn, how they learn it, and what qualifies as good work. They do so by setting explicit content and performance standards that all students work to achieve, and by making those standards clear to students, teachers, principals, parents, and the community. Complex thinking and production is modeled and analyzed by actually working at a task or project. Students will conduct sustained in-depth investigations of a topic that lead to authentic projects, fieldwork, and service. All curriculum designs are directly aligned to the California State Standards. The standardized testing and benchmarking required by the California STAR exams are being used to measure student achievement.

Our Directory

Vielka McFarlane
President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone:  (323) 291.1211, ext. 300
Email: vmcfarlane@celerityschools.org

Raquel Nieto-Tyler
Executive Assistant
Phone:  (323) 291.1211, ext. 302
Email: rnietotyler@celerityschools.org

Grace Canada
Director, School Services [South Region]
Phone:  (323) 291.1211, ext. 333
Email:  gcanada@celerityschools.org

Miguel Portillo
Director, Operations
Phone:  (323) 291.1211, ext. 301
Email: mportillo@celerityschools.org

Erik Conley
Director, Creative Media
Phone: (323) 291.1211, ext. 310
Email: econley@celerityschools.org

Craig Knotts
Director, School Services [North Region]
Phone: (323) 291.1211
Email: cknotts@celerityschools.org

Celesta Deter
Director, Pupil Services
Phone: (323) 291.1211, ext. 303
Email: cdeter@celerityschools.org

Cassie Crump
Director, Performing Arts
Phone: (323) 291.1211 Cell: 323.947.7028
Email: ccrump@celerityschools.org






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WASC Accredited
Celerity Nascent, Dyad & Troika Charter Schools have all been fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

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